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Last updated Aug. 30

COVID-19 clinical placement reminders

The Placement Office has been notified by agencies that requirements for students on placement may change with little notice with respect to COVID-19 guidance from the province and Health Canada. We鈥檇 like to remind you that clinical agencies each have the authority to implement their own specific requirements for students at any time with respect to COVID-19 and any other policies and procedures they may have in place to protect their client populations.

兔子先生 doesn鈥檛 have the jurisdiction to exempt students from these requirements, which could result in a student missing mandatory clinical time, subsequently affecting their ability to progress in the program. Additional costs associated with this (up to and including program withdrawal) are the responsibility of the student.

Students are strongly advised to ensure they have received all and are prepared to adhere to any travel-related quarantine requirements in order to comply with agency policies.

Pre-placement 101

You鈥檙e embarking on an exciting education towards your future profession! Before you can begin your first placement, you must meet specific requirements. As with every career, there comes the need for health and safety for both the professional听and the patient. These requirements are set out by Ontario legislation and are requirements of our placement agencies.


If you fail to meet the Clinical Preparedness Permit requirements by the given deadline, you鈥檒l be excluded from clinical placement. This can jeopardize your academic standing and lead to program withdrawal without refund.

When should I start?

It takes time to gather and complete all of the requirements. You should start the process two to three months prior to the due date (e.g. a Police Vulnerable Sector Check can take up to three months to process and complete). In particular, a new issue is a contraindication between COVID-19 and tuberculosis (TB) skin testing that could significantly lengthen the time you need to complete these items. Be sure to consult with your health-care provider for the most efficient order in which to have these administered.

Important: These requirements are mandatory and not negotiable, and any deficiencies identified must be met prior to beginning placement.听All costs, service fees and fines associated with the overall requirements and potentially the program withdrawal are the responsibility of the student.听

For more information, read our FAQ, email the Clinical Placement Office (clinicalplacementoffice@georgiancollege.ca) or contact .

Health, Wellness and Sciences pre-placement preparation


兔子先生 collaborates with who reviews and provides clearance on all of your mandatory pre-placement requirements.

You鈥檒l be given access to 鈥淰erified鈥- a software platform by Synergy Gateway, via secure username and password that will be emailed to you (check your 兔子先生 email account).

You鈥檒l use 鈥淰erified鈥 to book your electronic requirements verification, upload your forms and supporting documentation, and check your clinical placement eligibility status. Watch a video to learn more about the Clinical Preparedness Permit.


Step 1:听Complete your pre-placement requirements

Your Clinical Preparedness Permit is the document to complete. The Clinical Preparedness Permit Information Package provides explanations of each requirement as well as any exceptions to the requirements that are specific to your program. Access forms and placement requirements below.

Step 2:听Book an electronic requirements verification with Synergy Gateway for a review of your requirements

They will review and validate all medical and non-medical requirements. Please upload all documentation to your Synergy Gateway profile听prior听to your electronic requirements verification.听It is your responsibility to keep this information up-to-date and safe at all times.

Human Services and Community Safety pre-placement preparation


Visit 听for all required documentation for placements.

Forms and placement requirements

It鈥檚 the student鈥檚 responsibility to complete and submit all records and documents as requested by the program area. Documents are required by the due date provide by the program co-ordinator to ensure your placement and to allow participation in clinical and field placement facilities. The college assumes no responsibility for these matters and students should be aware that we are unable to refund tuition in the event that access to a placement is denied.

International students are required to have a Co-op Work Permit for all placements prior to starting in clinical and/or field placement facilities.

Please review听, section 4.2.4.

Addictions: Treatment and Prevention

Child and Youth Care

Visit 听for placement information.

Community Justice Service Worker

Visit 听for placement information.

Developmental Services Worker

Visit 听for placement information.

Early Childhood Education

Visit 听for placement information.

Medical Skin Care Therapies

Protection, Security and Investigation

Visit 听for placement information.

Social Service Worker

Visit 听for placement information.

Therapeutic Recreation

Video resources

Clinical Preparedness Permit: Medical requirements

Clinical Preparedness Permit: Additional requirements

Injury reporting

Ontario students are eligible for Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage while on unpaid work placements as required by their program of study. The Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) also provides Chubb Private Insurance coverage to students should their unpaid placement required by their program of study take place with an employer who is not covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.

Students must immediately report any workplace related injury or disease to their placement agency as well as their 兔子先生 monitor/placement supervisor.

Important information about your Immigration Medical Exam (IME) and study permit

Attention international students! It is critical that your听) is completed and linked to your study and work permit application before you arrive in Canada. This will help prevent permit restrictions which may stop you from participating in placements or work activities related to healthcare, childcare, or education. Having such restrictions can severely impact your ability to fulfill your program requirements and achieve your academic and professional goals.

Key steps to avoid permit restrictions:

  1. Complete your Immigration Medical Exam (IME) before submitting your permit applications.
  2. Apply for your study permit and co-op work permit at the same time.
  3. Ensure your IME is linked to your permit application before the IRCC makes the final decision, to prevent permit restrictions.

This proactive approach avoids permit conditions that restrict working in health services, childcare, or schools, supporting uninterrupted participation in your program鈥檚 placement or co-op.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Health, Wellness and Sciences clinical placement

Last updated Aug. 30 at 2:30 p.m.

Obtaining the medical requirements of the permit can take several months as many vaccines or tuberculosis (TB) testing cannot be administered on the same day and need to be separated by one month.

If you have a question that is not included below and are a current student, please submit an inquiry through . If you are not a current student, please email us at clinicalplacementoffice@georgiancollege.ca.

I鈥檇 like to travel outside of Canada. Will this affect my clinical placement?兔子先生 Chevron

Please refer to Health Canada, Ontario Public Health, Travel Advisories and other resources to remain up to date on how you might be impacted by global events and travel.

What should I do if I don鈥檛 want to get the COVID-19 vaccine?兔子先生 Chevron

Our clinical agency partners have implemented their own individual policies with respect to COVID-19 immunization that remain subject to change.

The COVID-19 immunization is included as a requirement on Clinical Preparedness Permit (CPP) for students in programs with placements in off-campus settings (e.g. Practical Nursing, Pharmacy Technician, etc.)听

If you do not want to get the vaccine (e.g. religious reasons, personal reasons, medical etc.) you may complete the immunization waiver on the bottom of page 3 of your CPP. While this will allow you to receive a 鈥減ass鈥 from Synergy on the requirements for immunization, it听does not mean that agencies will accept you for placement. Please read the waiver carefully to fully understand how this type of situation could affect your ability to progress successfully through your program.

I have clinical permit items expiring or not complete. I am not able to renew/complete due to pandemic or other large scale closures. What can I do?兔子先生 Chevron

We understand that it may be difficult at times for students to update their Clinical Preparedness Permit requirements for a number of unpredictable reasons (e.g. natural disasters, IT service outages, etc.) that can impact available services in the province. When these situations occur, students must continue to upload any required documents that they are able to obtain to their profile on Synergy Gateway to keep their permit as up to date as possible. There are some alternative options in place that students could consider and but are only used as a temporary solution. Please see these listed below:

  • Please see the Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) section below for more information.
  • Immunizations 鈥 If you鈥檙e unable to complete required immunizations you have the option to sign the waiver on the bottom of page 3 of the Clinical Preparedness Permit, 鈥淪tudent to read and sign if unable to meet the Immunization Requirements鈥 and submit this to Synergy Gateway. Individuals who elect to sign this need to carefully consider the risks outlined in the waiver before proceeding. Students are encouraged to still proceed with immunizations when they are able and to update their information with Synergy.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) skin tests 鈥 If you鈥檙e unable to complete your TB skin test requirements, you鈥檒l receive a 鈥渇ail鈥 on your permit requirements. For placements in our student-led clinics, you may request a 鈥渃onditional pass鈥 or 鈥渢emporary exemptions鈥 through your program co-ordinator, who will escalate the request for approval.听 For off-campus placements, you may request a 鈥渃onditional pass鈥 or 鈥渢emporary exemption鈥, please submit an inquiry through

If your permit items are not complete, you won鈥檛 receive a pass from Synergy (except for the instances outlined above). If you have been given a 鈥渃onditional pass鈥 on one or more items, you鈥檒l need to disclose which permit items are not complete and be prepared to show all completed documentation in place of a passed permit to your placement agency (off-campus clinical) for review. Please ensure you keep the original documents safe so that they are readily accessible (e.g. paper original or copies). Failure to disclose to an agency that you have not met their requirements would be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Will I be required to quit my job in order to complete a clinical placement?兔子先生 Chevron

Students attending clinical placements are considered guests at their clinical host sites and, as such, they must abide by all policies and requirements the host location has in place for students. Some clinical placements may, at times, implement restrictions that prevent both staff and students from working in multiple locations (e.g. during a viral outbreak) 鈥 the clinical site being considered a work location. While these restrictions would generally be seen in long-term care homes, they could be implemented at any health-care facility.

Students are advised to consider not accepting employment when they鈥檙e going to be attending clinical placement as these situations are unpredictable and could negatively impact a student鈥檚 ability to progress through their program.

We realize this recommendation may cause financial pressure students hadn鈥檛 anticipated. If you need to discuss financial aid options, please email Financial Aid.

Can I complete an international and inter-provincial clinical placement?兔子先生 Chevron

These types of placements are subject to program approval, availability and to local, provincial and/or federal government regulations (i.e. travel restrictions).

I am an International student and I have a problem with my co-op work permit. What should I do?兔子先生 Chevron

If you need assistance with how to apply for the co-op work permit, please check .

If you have not received your co-op work permit yet and are at risk of not being able to attend your clinical placement, please submit an inquiry through .

Are there any mental health and well-being considerations or supports for students on placement or co-op?兔子先生 Chevron

Practising self-care and asking for help is often challenging for health care workers, given that people in these roles may prioritize the needs of others over their own. Please remember that it is听essential听for you to take care of your mental health and well-being at all times.

兔子先生 is here to help you:

  • create a听self-care听plan and build awareness of your personal well-being
  • recognize听your own personal symptoms that might suggest your mental health needs some attention
  • continually听monitor and assess听your mental health and well-being
  • plan to听access resources and supports听as part of your regular self-care routine

Create a self-care plan

We encourage you to create a self-care plan prior to starting your placement and to maintain and adjust it as needed in order to support positive mental health.

Monitor and assess

  • Your student insurance plan includes听听and access to听听which allows you to assess your current mental health in five to 10 minutes. Immediately access tools for stress reduction and for managing your symptoms.
  • How well are you coping with the stress in your life? The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has several validated tools available for you to use to self-monitor your stress level, including Perceived Stress Scale, GAD-7 and Stress Can Drag You Down.听.

Access resources and supports

  • 兔子先生鈥檚 counselling team is available to support you! Make a telephone appointment with a counsellor between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. by calling 1.877.722.1523.
  • Review mental health and well-being resources in
  • : Online mental health and well-being services offers self-help programs, creative outlets and a community that cares
  • : If you鈥檙e experiencing low mood, depression and anxiety, BounceBack can help. Learn skills to help you manage worry and anxiety, combat unhelpful thinking, and become more active and assertive

Clinical preparedness permit

I am a new student. How do I find out if I need to complete the Clinical Preparedness Permit?兔子先生 Chevron

Pages two and three of the Clinical Preparedness Permit Information Package outlines the programs whose students must complete the requirements. Watch a video to learn more about the Clinical Preparedness Permit.

When is my Clinical Preparedness Permit due?兔子先生 Chevron

The due date to have all requirements complete and verified by Synergy Gateway differs for each program. Please refer to pages two and three of the information package or contact your program co-ordinator for a more specific date. Watch a video to learn more about the Clinical Preparedness Permit.

How long will it take me to gather all my pre-placement requirements?兔子先生 Chevron

It can take up to听three months听to obtain all of your requirements (with no extenuating circumstances). Depending on your personal immunization status, it can take weeks to determine your level of immunity. Depending on your personal immunization status, it can take weeks to determine your level of immunity. Also, depending on the wait times, it can take more than 12 weeks to receive your Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC).

Please note: The RCMP鈥檚 PVSC mandates that if your date of birth and gender matches an individual in the Sex Offender Databases, your fingerprints will be required to complete the PVSC. This situation can take several weeks to resolve.

I am a returning student. Where do I find my Clinical Preparedness Permit?兔子先生 Chevron

The forms are posted above in Forms and Placement Requirements. Watch a video to learn more about the Clinical Preparedness Permit.

Who pays for the costs associated with the requirements of the Clinical Preparedness Permit?兔子先生 Chevron

All costs, service fees and fines associated with the overall requirements are the responsibility of the student. Costs are dependent upon each student鈥檚 needs. The college does not have control over these costs.

Synergy Gateway鈥檚 fees are posted on their website. If you鈥檙e in a government or other sponsored program, please contact your program co-ordinator regarding fees.

What if I already have one or more of the non-medical requirements but they have expired or will soon?兔子先生 Chevron

You鈥檒l need to renew or re-certify your requirements to ensure that they are current for the academic year and that they will not expire during your placement.

Where do I go to register for Standard First Aid and CPR Level 鈥淐鈥 and 鈥淗CP/BLS鈥 training?兔子先生 Chevron

runs sessions most days of the week, including weekends, at their training centre in the south end of Barrie at 92 Commerce Park Drive #5 in Barrie. 兔子先生 students receive 10 percent off services when using the promo code GEORGIAN.

is another option and is located at 4 Alliance Blvd, Unit 7 in Barrie and is walking distance from the Barrie Campus. They offer a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)-approved blended learning program. 兔子先生 students receive 15 percent off services when using the promo code GEORGIAN at checkout.

These courses are also available through the , , or the local . If you take a CPR course through another provider, please ensure that you register for the appropriate course level and that the program follows the Canadian Heart and Stroke guidelines.

Please note: Blended (online and in person) CPR and SFA courses are acceptable, but completely online courses are not.听CPR must be re-certified annually unless otherwise noted on pages two and three of the clinical preparedness permit information package.

The Clinical Preparedness Permit says I require Hepatitis B immunizations and serology (blood work). This can take up to six months to complete. What if I can鈥檛 receive the full vaccination series before the due date?兔子先生 Chevron

As long as you have provided serology/blood work, started the three-step immunization series and have completed the second dose, you鈥檒l be cleared to attend placement. It is the responsibility of the student to then follow up in completing the series, as medically directed.

Students who are known to be infected with Hepatitis B are recommended to contact the director of clinics and placements by emailing clinicalplacementoffice@georgiancollege.ca prior to completing an electronic requirements verification with Synergy Gateway.

I have a diagnosis of Hepatitis B and/or a positive TB Skin Test and failed Chest X-ray. How can I meet my clinical preparedness permit requirements?兔子先生 Chevron

Do not proceed with immunization or serology. There is a form available to you within the Synergy Gateway Verified platform in the 鈥淚mportant Forms鈥 section on the left menu. It is called 鈥淔ORM_-HWS-002_CPP_Hepatitis_B_TB_HCP_Certification.pdf鈥. You may complete this form with your Healthcare Provider and submit with your permit documents in lieu of proceeding with immunization and serology.

Health-care professionals

How many health-care professional appointments will I need?兔子先生 Chevron

A minimum of two appointments will be needed if all of your immunizations are current. However, depending on your personal situation, additional appointments may be required.

What do I say to my health-care professional and what do I need to bring?兔子先生 Chevron

Explain that you need a fully completed health form (Clinical Preparedness Permit) and all of the shaded areas need to be signed and stamped by your health-care professional. Instructions are provided in the information package.

You should bring the following to your appointment:

  • clinical/field pre-placement health form
  • health card or health insurance card
  • any proof of immunization (yellow card) and/or municipal/regional health unit form(s) that outline record of your immunization history
  • money, if necessary (costs do vary)
What if I don鈥檛 have a health-care professional (e.g. physician or nurse practitioner)?兔子先生 Chevron

Please contact Student Services.

Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC)

How can I obtain a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) application form?兔子先生 Chevron

You should contact your local police service by telephone or visit their website to find out their application process. Some police agencies offer an online application process. Please contact your local police service for more information.

Please note: Not all police departments follow the same guidelines and costs do vary. Please see the police vulnerable sector check helpful hints document for more information.

How can I obtain a letter in support of my Police Vulnerable Sector Check application?兔子先生 Chevron

Please determine ahead of time what your local police service needs from you in order to process your PVSC application. Instructions on obtaining a letter for your application can be found on the police vulnerable sector check helpful hints document.

I requested my Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) but haven鈥檛 gotten it back yet. How can I complete my clinical permit check?兔子先生 Chevron

Some police detachments have extended wait times that are inconsistent across the province with respect to the wait times for Police Criminal Record Checks (PCRC)/Police Vulnerable Sector Checks (PVSC).听 At 兔子先生 we know that getting your PCRC/PVSC on time is especially challenging during the pandemic.

If you have applied for, but not yet received your PCRC/PVSC and need to complete your electronic requirements verification we are providing a temporary option for you.听 You鈥檙e required to disclose to your clinical placement agency that you have not yet received your PCRC/PVSC. Failure to do so is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Please see the PCRC/PVSC declaration document for instructions.

I am under the age of 18 and not able to acquire a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC). How can I complete my clinical permit check?兔子先生 Chevron

There is a form available to you within the Synergy Gateway Verified platform in the 鈥淚mportant Forms鈥 section on the left side menu. Download and complete the form called 鈥淪tudent Under 18 Form_revised.pdf鈥. Then submit that for your electronic requirements verification along with the required proof for date of birth as indicated at the top of the form.

Mask fit testing

Where would I obtain mask fit testing?兔子先生 Chevron

兔子先生 offers on-campus mask fit testing at limited times during the year of the brands of masks required for our students to attend clinical placements (including the 兔子先生 Oral Health Clinic). Program co-ordinators are notified of the schedule for appointments. If students do not attend one of the clinics that are offered they may find it difficult to obtain what is needed elsewhere.

兔子先生 is not responsible to ensure students are able to obtain mask fit testing. Students who do not have mask fit tests are at risk for not being able to attend clinical for occupational health and safety reasons. Any costs and implications associated with mask fit testing are the full responsibility of the 兔子先生 student.

Below are some alternate service providers:

Students should be tested first on 3M 1870+, 1860 and 8210.听 These are the models most commonly stocked by our area hospitals.听 Next are 3M 1860s, 1804 and 1804s.

Please note:听 兔子先生 does not make representations or warranties concerning N95 mask fit testing. It is your responsibility to research whether the product and service of the N95 mask fit testing service meets the requirements as evaluated by Synergy Gateway, the Clinical Preparedness Permit and information package in order to continue with placements. In addition, at this time, front line health-care settings (e.g. hospitals, long term care homes etc.) will only accept mask fit testing for the 3M brand. Please check with your program co-ordinator to ensure you select the correct brand.

Is there a fee for mask fit testing?兔子先生 Chevron

Students will be responsible for the cost associated with their mask fit testing.

Synergy Gateway

How do I access my profile on Verified by Synergy Gateway?兔子先生 Chevron

You鈥檒l be given access to Verified, a software platform by Synergy Gateway, via secure username and password. Your username and password will be emailed to you shortly after you register for your first semester classes. Please check your student email account.

Tip: Check your junk or spam folder, as these emails are system generated and often end up there.

What if I have a problem logging onto Verified by Synergy Gateway?兔子先生 Chevron

with Synergy Gateway鈥檚 help desk.

Contact us

Clinical Placement Office

Health, Wellness and Sciences

For current students please submit an inquiry through :

General inquiries for non-students: clinicalplacementoffice@georgiancollege.ca

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please note, we aim to respond to all inquiries within one business day. Due to a听high volume of inquiries, response times may be delayed at times.

For in-person service, please听email us听directly to make an appointment. In-person meeting requests may require a period of advanced notice based on availability.

Field Placement Office

Human Services and Community Safety

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