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Do you have a passion or interest you want to share with others?

Think about joining a club – or create a club if it doesn’t already exist! To join a club, check out the club directory below and contact the club using the contact information provided.

Get involved

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Starting a new club

  1. Complete Club Application form
  2. Meet with GCSA representative
  3. Create presentation slides
  4. Present club to GCSA council
  5. Complete remaining paperwork

The perks of running a club

  • Receive funding from your GCSA
  • Access to GCSA resources
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Promotional opportunities

Club directory

African and Caribbean Student Union logo

Started in: Barrie

African and Caribbean Student Union

The African and Caribbean Student Union (ACSU) is dedicated to the promotion and celebration of African, African-American and Caribbean culture at .

Barrie Atmiya Youths

Started in: Barrie

Atmiya Youth Barrie Club

We are a group of international students plus peer mentors. The group’s purpose is to live in harmony in the community and other communities. Our goal is to help students feel comfortable, help them find suitable accommodations, and make them aware of Canadian culture.

Automotive business student association logo

Started in: Barrie

Automotive Business Student Association

Welcome to the Automotive Business Student Association, a unique and diverse organization at and the ABSC. Our association is composed of passionate students with a shared interest in the automotive industry, business, and entrepreneurship. As a tight-knit community, we strive to bring together students from various backgrounds to foster growth, learning, and networking opportunities.

Code frontier club

Started in: Barrie

Code Frontier Club

Welcome to Code Frontier – a community where all students, tech enthusiasts or not, come together. Our aim is to bridge gaps through coding and collaboration. Here, we learn from each other, tackle projects, and enhance our soft skills. It’s a place for innovation, creativity, and networking. Join us to connect, share ideas, and create a path to your future, no matter your major. Everyone is welcome!

CoLab Marketing Club

Started in: Barrie

CoLab Marketing Club

CoLab Marketing Club aims to connect with other students who share a passion for marketing within a fun space, and provide opportunities that foster a creativity, enhance our skills, expand our network, and get us career ready.

cybergrizzlies logo

Started in: Barrie

CyberGrizzlies Esports Club

Casual and competitive Esports club. A social club where everyone is free to join — all games are welcome!

Digital Research Club logo

Started in: Barrie

Digital Research Club

The Digital Research Club has been instrumental in supporting student growth and development by providing opportunities to enhance their learning, explore various digital skills, and establish valuable networks that extend beyond the confines of our college. The Club facilitates group learning among students, ensuring a deeper understanding of the program, encourages peer interaction by providing a platform for students to share knowledge and experiences thereby enhancing learning and student academic success.

Enactus  Logo

Started in: Barrie


Enactus is a club where students set out to be catalysts of social, economic and environmental change while utilizing business as a means to do so. Participation in Enactus will provide you with the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the community, while gaining experience, skills and contacts necessary to build a successful career. It’s an experience that will change the lives of those in need and quite possibly your own as well.

The Fifth Ensemble logo

Started in: Barrie

The Fifth Ensemble

The Fifth Ensemble is a musical exploration across the hallways of that invites artists to share their journey. From experienced to inexperienced enthusiasts, the club aims to build a diverse and inclusive community for musicians to belong.

 believes in better club logo

Started in: Orangeville

Believes in Better

Believes in Betteris a club of students who enjoy spreading kindness and taking part in good deeds. Providing another way to build connections with other students while also getting to know the community surrounding your campus. Organizing exciting fundraising for different organizations or even decorating for school events/holidays, G.B.I.B takes on student suggestions to help make our Grizzly community a positive and fun experience for everyone!

 ECE Association logo

Started in: Orangeville

ECE Association

The purpose of the club is to create a communal space for any ECE Students to connect, communicate, and grow together! ECE Alumni and Current ECE/RECEs are welcome! We share and discuss information related to the ECE field and ECE Advocacy.

-Lakehead Student Christian Fellowship Logo

Started in: Barrie

-Lakehead Student Christian Fellowship (GLSCF)

GLSCF is a student Christian fellowship that meets on campus or through online forums. It’s an opportunity to journey together and have discussions with other students toward truth, meaning and calling. GLSCF is a community that is passionate about Jesus’ message and mission, and we’re actively trying to live these out at and Lakehead University. It may not look or feel like a traditional church or religion, but we don’t do this for the sake of tradition. Everything that happens with our fellowship is designed to be relevant to your life. Regardless of where you’re at on your spiritual journey, our meetings are a safe place to ask questions.

 Mariners Association

Started in: Owen Sound

Mariners Association

The Mariners Association is an opportunity to make friends and hang out with fellow students in the marine programs here at in addition to networking and learning more about the Marine Industry.

 Nepalese Association logo

Started in: Barrie

Nepalese Association

This club is a safe haven for Nepalese students to find each other and socialize. We organize events and activities to promote Nepalese culture and tradition on campus.

 Nursing Society

Started in: Owen Sound

Nursing Society

The Nursing Society is a student-led club on the Owen Sound campus that fosters strong connections between students, the local community, and their future careers. It aims to equip nursing students with additional resources and information to excel in their studies and future professions. The club warmly welcomes all students, recognizing that healthcare impacts everyone. By becoming a part of the Nursing Society, students can expect to gain valuable knowledge and insights into the nursing profession and opportunities to participate in meaningful community outreach initiatives. The club provides a nurturing and collaborative space for students to network with one another, exchange ideas, and form lifelong bonds, opening doors to potential career opportunities and friendships.

 Pride Logo

Started in: Barrie


Pride is committed to promoting and creating a safe and inclusive environment for Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer (2SLGBTQ) individuals at . We understand that the greatest tool for change is awareness through education. Pride intends to promote this awareness working towards inclusivity and equity within the college and community. We encourage all students to get involved and create change.

Grizzly Bulls and Bears Finance Club logo

Started in: Barrie

Grizzly Bulls & Bears Finance Club

Grizzly Bulls & Bears is an investment club. We are dedicated to uniting like-minded students passionate about finance. The club’s main objective is to create a collaborative atmosphere where everybody could thrive and maximize their potential, learn about personal finance as well as various investment strategies. Our club provides a setting for discussions of major market events, fundamental investment strategies, and analysis of leading companies and their performance. Lastly, Grizzly Bulls & Bears offers students a great opportunity for networking and building valuable connections.

Jesus youth club logo

Started in: Barrie

Jesus Youth Barrie

We are ‘Jesus Youth’ group, trying to enhance our spiritual life. Jesus Youth is an International Catholic movement that challenges young people to live a meaningful, creative and fulfilling life.
The group objectives are to provide a platform for everyone, regardless of religion, race, gender, country and language, to have gatherings to share about their spiritual life, conduct prayer meetings, discuss about the group events, as well as to pray together as a family.
Even though it is a Christian community, we welcome everyone who would like to join us and be a part of the community. We believe that prayer groups, fellowships and gatherings will help us to deepen our relationship with God.

Muslim society of georgian college logo

Started in: Barrie

Muslim Society of

Muslims’ Society serves as a way for Muslim students to able to fulfil their mandatory religious obligations as well as grow spiritually. Facilitating daily prayers for students is the most important role that this club plays. The purpose of the Muslims’ Society is to connect Muslim students at by developing a unified community that aims to help them practise their faith while giving them a strong platform to voice their needs and concerns.

Nusing club logo

Started in: Barrie

Nursing Students Association of

Welcome to the Nursing Students Association of (NSAGC), where we’re not just shaping the future of healthcare, but also creating a unique community of nursing students committed to excellence, and innovation. NSAGC is founded on the principle that together, we can achieve more. Through opportunities for mentoring, workshops, professional development, and social events, we strive to make a positive impact on all nursing students journey at , and to the broader nursing community. Join us!